Championship – 2017 Stance ISA World Adaptive Surfing Championship

Strong wave Riders-will in California   Now it was time, from the 29.11.17 to the 03.12.2017, the competition ISA Adaptive Surfing Championship took place in the quiet village La Jolla/California. The World Cup is sponsored by Vissla, a well-known brand in the surfer scene, and the city of San Diego. […]


  The United Nations Convention said in 2008 that “Inclusion” of persons with disabilities is a human right. Inclusionmeans that all people are destined to participate in social life. In other words, people with disabilities no longer have to integrate and adapt to the environment, but they are equipped in the […]

Where to find Adaptive Surfing

Within Europe and International, there are organizations that allow people with handicaps to make surfing trips. Australia is a pioneer in this field. The „Disabled Surfers Association“ in Australia DSA http://disabledsurfers.org/  has been offering projects successfully for a long time.   In the USA is the “International Surfing Association” ISA https://www.isasurf.org/events/isa-world-adaptive-surfing-championship/ The […]

Surf as therapy

Element water gives a new degree of freedom because the high salinity in the sea is used to carry the body and the individual handicap of the athletes loses its importance. Surf on a wave is so much fun that endorphins are spilled. Self-esteem will push positivity upward, a feeling […]

My purpose

I would like to improve the lives of people who have had a shot of fate and give them the opportunity to make a surfing trip to provide a new significant experience, that they could not otherwise do it.

- Amina

My first experience with adaptive surfing

How I got to This My first experience with adaptive surfing I was able to collect during my stay in California. In San Clemente, California, the atmosphere shook with sheer passion and ambition, the feeling that “we create this” filled the environment. To observe how people with different handicaps were […]

1. Travel to Hendaye 2017

I contacted the school; the reservation was simple and direct. A one-night stay is also quickly found. Since I don’t have a driver license and a car, so the public transportation was an issue for me. I tried online to make my train trip to Germany and France and noticed […]