Where to find Adaptive Surfing

Surf as therapy


Within Europe and International, there are organizations that allow people with handicaps to make surfing trips. Australia is a pioneer in this field. The „Disabled Surfers Association“ in Australia DSA http://disabledsurfers.org/  has been offering projects successfully for a long time.


In the USA is the “International Surfing Association”

ISA https://www.isasurf.org/events/isa-world-adaptive-surfing-championship/

The ISA has developed a classification system and a rule-set so that international competitions can be implemented in “adaptive surfing”. The adaptive surfing world Championship is not only a competition. However, this event is more because it has become a meeting place where surfers with and without handicaps can meet to share their passion for surfing. Within Europe there are also already such organizations, such as:

Kindsurf www.kindsurf.org In Portugal.

The “Association Nationale Handi-Surf” www.handi-surf.org and the surf school “École de surf Lehena” Www.lehena.com in France have specialized in this field and are committed to integrate  Adaptive-Surf in Europe.

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