Surf as therapy

1. Travel to Hendaye 2017
Where to find Adaptive Surfing

@Jason Rose Photography

Element water gives a new degree of freedom because the high salinity in the sea is used to carry the body and the individual handicap of the athletes loses its importance. Surf on a wave is so much fun that endorphins are spilled. Self-esteem will push positivity upward, a feeling that a little is still accomplished in everyday life. At this event, you can quickly feel that the human being is the more important, not his handicap or his illness.

Each athlete can earn respect and recognition through his or her individual performance. Surfing is for athletes as the balm for the soul, because in everyday life they fight with the shadows of their handicap or disease.

Life with a limitation is really not easy, consistently through the society you will be confronted as being different and experience your own body as discriminatory. Contact with water gives you the feeling of freedom and perfection.

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