Adaptive Travel

I want to help and provide the access to water sports to people with restrictions in Germany and especially support the already existing organizations in Europe, through financial sources with fund raising and donations.

I would also like to build an interactive communication, to reduce some fears and prejudices towards people with disabilities.

My goal is to give people the chance to practice water sports despite their handicap or mental health, I want to offer each of them the opportunity to make their own unique and valuable experiences. From my own experience, I know that water has a calming effect on the body, the mind and the soul.

A valuable experience that can be transferred home in everyday situations. It is very important to me that people with and without disabilities learn to communicate better with each other, because this is indispensable. Airlines, hotels, hostels, restaurants, bars, countries, surfing schools, railways, car rental companies, etc. would have a new clientele, because I would promote the tourism sector.

Existing organizations in Europe can be financially supported by mediation in order to achieve their objectives and to better support the people affected. I want to set up where the policy cannot intervene, so I want to implement inclusion to show that sometimes there can be no laws to better deal with each other, but only humanity and understanding.

Photo: Barney Miller |