Exemplary projects

My first experience with adaptive surfing

@2016 Rich Cruse / CAF


Abroad there are some surf programs for adaptive surfing, such as “Acces Surf” “Kindsurf” and “Association Nationale Handi-Surf”. These projects are sponsored by donations and voluntary work, and they are also supported by partnerships with other organizations or sponsors. These organizations are “non-profit organizations”. All organizations provide specially adapted surf materials, as this is a necessary basic equipment for surfers with handicaps.

Access to the beach is possible for handicapped persons with a beach wheelchair to cross the sand to the edge of the water. The surfboards have special forms or tools to support the needs of the adaptive surfers. For example, loops for hands are attached to boards so that surfers can better control their board. Essential is here to pay attention to the individual handicap of each surfer.

At the Adaptive-Surf events, people with a restriction are brought closer to surfing. The care of the handicapped surfers on site is a very important task and the support of helpers is also necessary. The water safety and also the medical or therapeutic care must be ensured.


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